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1 Teacher, 1 Principal, 1 Guidance Counselor

Title – 1 Teacher, 1 Principal, 1 Guidance Counselor

By – Sarah

Hi everyone, it’s me again, Sarah. I have another inspirational teacher story I would like to add.

Now I’m in 6th grade and my teacher is really nice, her name is Mrs. Colleen Davy, and her husband is my math teacher. They are both really nice. Ever since last year, I’ve been interviewing my teachers during our free time together. Well, one of the questions that I asked Mrs. Davy was: “What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?” and her answer was that “she hopes to inspire her students future.” And I really thought that was a really great reason.

One time I remember I was having a really bad day and she really tried to make it better and I could tell she was really trying, so at the end of the day I told her that even though I had a bad day, she made it seem a lot better! I write her a lot of poetry as well. We also have anti-bullying meetings which try to persuade children not to bully each other. I always read a poem that I wrote to the class at these meetings and she always claps at the end, which eventually leads to the entire class clapping and it makes me want to do another! If Mrs. Davy ever reads this I would like to say thank you for your great inspiration and for brightening my day.


This next story is about the new principal at my school, Mrs. Stanfield.

Mrs. Rebecca Stanfield is the new principal at my school. She is really nice and I hope she knows how much she means to me. I’m sorry, but I don’t know that much about her, (yet) lol! But by the end of the school year, I hope to know more about her!

She has a wonderful smile and personality. She is dedicated too!

In case Mrs. Stanfield reads this, I want you to know that I prayed for you before I even met you. I wanted you to be welcomed to our school and feel okay around me and notice me more than just another face in the school.


This story is dedicated to my school’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Rena VanAllen!

Mrs. VanAllen has also inspired me. She also was my volleyball coach for two years. She is so sweet and a very wonderful woman! I can talk to her about anything, and I’m part of her get-together club and it is really fun! She really understands me and is one of the few that does. I really appreciate all she has done for me. She is beautiful inside and out. If you are reading this Mrs. VanAllen, I want to say I love and admire you in so many ways but most of all thanks for being there for me when nobody else cares about me. I know you are the guidance counselor for the school, but you are also one of my very best friends!


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