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100th Day of School

100th Day of School Lessons and Teacher Resources

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The much-anticipated 100th Day of School falls in late January through early February, depending on when you school year started and how many snow days you received. Children enjoy celebrating the accomplishment and looking back on their successes. Here are some great activities suggested by teachers to help you celebrate the day:

Lesson Plans:


Language Arts/Social Studies:




Additional Resources:

  • Here is a great compilation of teacher suggested 100th day activities.
  • This is a list of 100th day books and more.
  • These are poems and songs for the 100th day.
  • Here are free PowerPoint presentations, activities and games with the 100th day theme for kids and teachers.
  • Would 100 jellybeans fill your hand, a cup, or a milk jug? Click on this powers of ten interactivity to find out!
  • Pictures of kindergartners accompany these ideas for marking the day with tally marks, cheerio necklaces, “100” glasses, sticky dot designs and a wish for 100 _____.
  • Young students count to 100 by ones and tens in this “learning to read” interactive book site.
  • Here is a hodgepodge of 100th day books, songs, poems, and activities for K-2.
  • Global Classroom’s 100th Day site features activities for older students suggested by teachers around the world.
  • High School students would enjoy these 100 ways to celebrate the 100th Day with the New York Times.
  • Here are 100 more ways to celebrate the 100th day at Education World.
  • Here are some “scholastic” ways to celebrate 100 in the language arts.
  • These ideas incorporate real world math into daily morning activities, beginning with the first day of school and ending with the 100th day
  • By combining these books, art projects, technology activities and webquests, you can create a great classroom or school-wide 100th Day of School interdisciplinary unit.
  • Here are printables for a 100th Day of School themed unit from
  • Also, our End-of-Year lessons, especially those that focus on the accomplishments of the year, might also be adaptable to summarizing the first one hundred days
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