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13 Classroom Management Tips from Twitter

By K’Lee Banks, M.Ed.

classroom management tips from twitter

If you haven’t yet discovered the power of social media through sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you are missing out on valuable tools and sources of information. By exercising some discernment, you can glean useful tips and nuggets of wisdom, even from the 140-character limitation of Twitter. Check out this baker’s dozen of 13 classroom management tips directly from Twitter, with little snippets included about any of the links posted in their respective tweets, organized by categories.

Essential Classroom Management Tips

10 Tips for the First Days of School:
#Edchat @tomwhitby

The link goes to an article with the same title. Award-winning teachers and educational speakers Harry and Rosemary Wong suggest teachers who follow these 10 tips will set up a foundation for success that will continue throughout the school year. The tips include details on the following (read the full article to get all the information): Beginning Needs of Students, Classroom Management Plan, Script, Bellwork, Attention Procedure, Hand Signals, Distribution of Materials, School-Wide Procedures, Teach to an Objective, and Assess for Learning.

Ready for Back 2 School? Kick off the Year w/ great PD! #Classroom
Practices that Make a Difference for Early Learners @HatchEarlyChild

Classroom Design & Seating Chart Tips:
#engchat #sschat #scichat #mathchat #classroom #education @TeachHub
Teacher Myree Conway offers these ideas for designing and organizing the classroom using her own ideas as well as others of the ideal classroom arrangement. She covers her own classroom style, the cluttered classroom style, and the student classroom style. Conway also provides ideas for a strategic seating chart.

Great tips! Teacher Survival Kit for Classroom Mgmt: 10+ Tips & Resources Teacher Reboot Camp: @ShellTerrell
Shelly Terrell, former teacher and current teacher trainer, consultant, and educational speaker, offers this impressive list of tips and resources to help you prepare for your first day of school and beyond. Among her tips are “Know your students and prepare ahead for their various learning needs and attention spans!” and “Engage parents!” Check out her article for all the tips and resources.

Three #classroommanagement apps to improve daily functions in your classroom:
#education #edtech @planet_tweets
Elementary school teacher Tabitha Savage recommends the use of technology in the classroom, including iPad apps. They include Three Ring, an electronic portfolio; Class Dojo, a behavior management system; and Too Noisy, a volume control tool. Be sure to read the full article for more details!

Essential Relationship-Building Tips

5 Practices for Building Positive Relationships With Students:
#edchat @NMHS_Principal
Positive relationships are essential to facilitate active learning and an engaging learning environment. Students who want to learn will typically perform better in class than those who have no interest. Math teacher Kelley Clark suggests that positive teacher-student relationships go a long way toward accomplishing that goal. She offers these 5 practices to help teachers interact with their students (read the full article for all the details): (1) Leave yourself reminders on your laptop; (2) Never let other students see you react inappropriately to a student’s comments; (3) Actually use the information you receive from a first-day student survey; (4) schedule “bonding” time (appropriately); and (5) Finally, and most simply, learn your students’ names immediately.

Classroom Management:The Problem With Punishing Emotions

Teacher and author Luke Reynolds presents this important and sobering look at how often educators and administrative personnel mete out punishment—detention, missing recess, “cool down” rooms, removing privileges—when students express their feelings. Reynolds acknowledges that bad behavior demands consequences, yet he suggests there may be a better way to address the bad behavior while also providing students with the necessary and safe outlets and counseling they may need.

Ask your pupils on day 1 to finish these:
I learn best when…
I learn least when…
Build your classroom around what they tell you.
#edchat @DeputyMitchell

How To Engage With Active Learners In The #Classroom:
#EdChat @edworkspartners
Tap interests most students already have in digital and electronic gadgets — especially their cell phones — and you are likely to engage them in the learning process and even make it enjoyable! Edudemic, the site by and for educators and academic professionals, offers this list of 50 smartphone apps teachers and students can use to “organize classes, events, activities, and basic needs as well as supplement classroom lessons.” The list of apps is divided into categories, including productivity and organization, reading and writing, reference, safety, and STEM (that’s Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) — check it out!

Classroom management gold:
#txed #Edchat @coachwhite27
You’ll spend less time correcting if you spend more time relationship building

Essential Learning Activity Planning and Teaching Tips

Do you have your Fall Day One ice breaker planned?
#RCTLE #highered #faculty @ERAU_CTLE_WW
Does it involve #technology?

Instructional Video of the Week: Breaking Bad Teaching Habits: #classroommanagement #Education @earntravelteach
Sponsored by (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), this 7-minute video highlights three common teaching mistakes, depicting the bad examples and offering tips about how to overcome them.

It’s that time again! Tips on #classroom #rules for the #newschoolyear.

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