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Oral Presentations and Group Work





Name: ______________________ Class: _________ Date: ________
Oral Presentations and Group Work
Presentation Often Sometimes Rarely
Posture indicates confidence      
Appropriate use of gestures and facial expressions      
Appropriate use of voice      
Appropriate volume      
Appropriate pace of delivery      
Appropriate use of eye contact      
Appropriate use of notes      
Appropriate use of aids      
Language Often Sometimes Rarely
Appropriate use of language for the topic      
Appropriate use of grammar      
Meaning conveyed      
Content Often Sometimes Rarely
Introduces the topic and names the title      
Main points clearly separated      
Ideas relevant to the topic      
Information accurate      
Questions Often Sometimes Rarely
Listens to others’ questions      
Group Work Often Sometimes Rarely
Participates and shares in the discussion process      
Listens when others speak      
Supportive of others      
Promotes friendliness      
Asks questions for clarification or elaboration      
Stays on topic, or on directly related issues      
Energetic and enthusiastic      
Constructive group participant      
Solar System Unit Talking and Listening The Solar System Unit

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