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3 Signs You Are Ready to Start a Master’s in Education Program

Making the decision to further your education with a master’s degree will require a commitment of time and money and is a decision you should consider carefully. It will require study, work and intense research with a demanding course load. There are a few questions to consider and certain signs that will signal that you are ready to begin the journey that could lead you to a very rewarding career. in education

A postgraduate academic master’s degree in education is offered for those in pursuit of a teaching career, or areas of curriculum, counseling or administration. A career in education is considered specialized and a master’s of education degree is required for teaching some secondary classes and all college-level classes, as well as other careers relating to education.

Determine Why You Want A Master’s Degree

Decide why you want to pursue a graduate degree program. Determine whether you want to gain personal satisfaction of completing the degree, or if you are wanting the degree in order to further your career in hopes of a better salary. A graduate program is about achieving specific goals and career planning. When you begin a master’s of education course of study, you will concentrate on specific specialties within the field of education.

Three Signs That You Are Ready To Obtain A Master’s of Education Degree

The best time to begin a master’s degree in education is usually preceded by these particular signs:

  • you have completed your bachelor’s degree;
  • you have decided to become a teacher or made a career choice in the field of education that requires a master’s degree;
  • you have the momentum and commitment required to complete the degree.

Beginning a master’s degree right after completing a bachelor’s degree is beneficial in that study skills are still sharp and people have fewer obligations in life at this point.

Master’s of Education Specialties

  • Curriculum and Instruction: Courses for this field concentrate on teaching. It is designed to prepare the student for classroom teaching, research or public service.
  • Counselor: This area is typically reserved for studying mental health in order to become a mental health professional or work toward a state license in mental health counseling.
  • School Counselor: This study is for students pursuing a master’s degree in order to become a school counselor. It requires specialized study in sociology, social work and psychology.
  • Neuroscience Interdisciplinary education degree: This specialized study does not have much to do with classroom teaching, but rather concentrates on the learning process in humans versus the institution of education.
  • Academic Enrichment: This is for teachers who want to increase their knowledge in a specific field or move into another area of more advanced teaching.
  • Student Affairs: This coursework is aimed at higher education and administrative operations of colleges and universities.
  • Preparation for a Doctorate Degree: Students for this program study specific issues to prepare for doctoral studies.

Get More Information

You are likely to find many resources and information on specific universities and degree programs at Campus Explorer,, an online educational site offering information on colleges and universities across the country. Requirements for master’s of education degrees, information on financial grants and loans are also available.

How long it will take to complete a master’s program can depend on several things, including a work schedule, family responsibilities and financial footing. According to, it generally takes from two to three years to complete a master’s degree as a full-time student, depending on the specific course requirements and specialty programs.

Many adults already in careers are pursuing master’s degrees online. According to, more than 7,600 colleges and universities offer accredited courses online leading to a master’ s degree. Researching and finding the one that best fits your situation and specific goals will help build your future.

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