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5 Ways Studying Abroad Will Make you a Better Teacher

When studying to become a teacher many things can help you to expand your horizons and become a better teacher. Nothing in life can make you a better teacher than studying abroad. Having the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and see things that your students will only be reading about in books will give you an insight that you can pass on to them that you would not otherwise have. Being able to actual experience other cultures and see history will make you a more educated and informed teacher.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

In many cases the only thing that Americans know about people in other countries is what we hear and see on television. This is the case for people in other countries about Americans, also. Other cultures only know what they see and hear through news, their politics and entertainment Medias. Plus people all over the world have preconceived ideas and beliefs about other cultures and countries. Going to other countries, meeting people and becoming friends with strangers that may have had no previous contact with Americans can make a difference in how they feel.

Being More Employable

Going out into the world and learning new languages, seeing sights and meeting people of the world are all reasons for an employer to give your resume a second look. When put up next to another applicant that has not traveled and had the experiences that they can pass on to their student, it gives you the upper hand in getting employment. Having more to share with a classroom makes you a more rounded teacher and gives employers the initiative to hire you over other applicants.

Gives You Self Confidence

If you can go to another country and find your way around and manage to survive, teaching a bunch of kids will be a breeze. Being young and shipping off to another country by yourself can be a very overwhelming experience. In some cases you may have never been away from home alone and now you are traveling across the world alone. This will make you a stronger person and expand your horizons. The experiences you get from this expedition will make you a better person and help you stand on your own two feet.

Have Experiences in Real Time

Studying in a classroom lets you look at pictures of other countries and historical artifacts on paper. Studying abroad lets you experience these countries along with their landscape, climate, cultures and history up close and in person. You can be a much better teacher if you have first hand experience with what you are teaching. Learning new languages from the people that speak them and seeing how they live gives you the upper hand when it comes to passing on the information to your students. Seeing the things that others only see on paper lets you be able to pass on that first hand knowledge.

You Can Save Money

With all of the grants and scholarships that are available to study abroad. It is possible that you could spend a semester studying abroad for cheaper than staying at home. Many program let you study abroad while still only paying your regular tuition cost. There are many opportunities available to study abroad, so do some research and see what you can do to save money and visit the world.

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