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7 Lesson Plans for Summer School Students

Teachers are the first line of defense for engaging students academically. Summer school programs often help students develop a better understanding of core academic subjects. Rather than thinking about summer school as tutorial or remedial, we need to enlist our best teachers to tackle educational gaps and shortcomings. It is time to dispose of stop-gap methods and teach with purpose.

A recent USA Today online news article says kids today feel like they are not being challenged in the classroom. As educators, our primary goal is to instill a thirst for knowledge. In order to inspire and encourage students to excel, teachers need lesson plans that make science, history and math relevant.. Sensory activities that awaken our senses—smell, touch, hearing and sight—reinforce the message of our lessons.

A contributor for, Henry A Giroux, thinks our nation is suffering from education deficits. With excellent teachers and lesson plans designed to engage and challenge more students, summer classes might produce positive results. Teacher resources on the internet and through technological advancements are available to stir up a young imagination and foster critical thinking. Consider these seven summer lesson plans from Hotchalk.

Lesson One: Science Can Be Fun and Delicious

Making Baggie Ice Cream

This lesson is a tactile exercise that provides students insight into liquid, gas and solid matter through phase changes. Suitable for grades 3-11; the project incorporates science and math. After this team project, everyone can sample the ice cream.

Lesson Two Understanding How Temperature Affects Us

This activity is suitable for Grade 1 and focuses on science basics. Students will observe the sun’s effects on chocolate and see that heat and friction can make solids melt. The teacher will introduce the subject with a short story before completing activities.

Lesson Three Interpreting Music With SandArt

Developing and Encouraging Art Appreciation-Video Lesson

This lesson will expose students to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons conducted by Lamberto Gardelli. Sand animation is provided live by Ferenc Cakó. The ten-minute video is suitable for all ages.

Lesson Four Natural Disaster Studies

Preparedness: Social Studies, Language Arts and Science Applications

This lesson is suitable for grades 6 and 7. The primary focus area is Language Arts; Natural disasters are studied from a survival perspective. Students use written and oral language to communicate and for comprehension development.

Lesson Five Studying Tornadoes

This lesson combines computer applications, science and teamwork. Small groups develop informative presentations about weather elements based on research.

Lesson Six The Mystery Of Learning

This lesson uses a box of sensory items to get students thinking about unsolved mysteries around the globe. Promotes exploration, critical thinking and engagement.

Lesson Seven Juneteenth

In this lesson, students learn about the rich cultural history of African Americans. Adaptable for all grade levels.

Our nation is depending on our youth to keep us competitive and globally connected in the future. Our youth are dependent on an educational system that gives them every tool they need to assume their roles.

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