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Units – Stage 3 Early White Settlement


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  


5, 6  

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Creative Arts: Visual Arts

  • Making
    • investigates subject matter in an attempt to represent likeness of things in the world
    • makes artworks for other people assembling materials in a variety of ways
  • Appreciating
    • acknowledges that audiences respond in different ways to artworks and that there are different opinions about the value of artworks
    • communicates about the ways in which matter is represented in artworks
Creative Arts: Music

  • Performing
    • Sings, plays and / or moves to a range of music, individually and in groups, demonstrating a knowledge of musical concepts
  • Organizing Sound
    • Selects, combines and orders sound using the concepts of music
    • Notates and evaluates their own and others’ work
  • Listening
    • Describes the use of musical concepts in a range of repertoires, demonstrating an understanding of commonly used symbols
Creative Arts: Drama

  • Making
    • Uses a range of expressive skills in playbuilding and scripted material in a variety of forms and contexts
    • Develops in-depth characterizations in a variety of forms
  • Performing
    • Utilizes elements of theatrical production, performance skills and scripted material in a performance to an audience
  • Appreciating
  • Identifies how contexts and forms are used in dramatic works from different times and places and with different intentions
  • Responds to a range of works and styles of performance, giving reasons for preferences
Creative Arts: Dance

  • Performing
    • Performs and interprets dances from particular contexts using a wide range of movement skills and appropriate expressive qualities
  • Composing
    • Explores, selects, organizes and refines movement using the elements of dance to communicate intent
  • Appreciating
  • Discusses and interprets the relationship between content, meaning and context of their own and others’ dances


Personal Development, Health & Physical Education:
Interpersonal Relationships (3 X 20 minutes per week)

  • Communication
    • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Stop, Think, Do
PD Health & PE: Fitness and Lifestyle (3 X 20 minutes per week)

  • Components of fitness
    • muscular strength
    • muscular endurance
    • flexibility
    • cardiovascular endurance
    • body composition
PD Health & PE: Games and Sports Skills (1 X 90 per week)

  • Hand-Eye Skills
  • Foot-Eye Skills
  • Playing the Game


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