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“Easter Egg Math” reviews addition and subtraction




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Easter Egg Math

By – Sylvia Garza

Subject – Math

Grade Level – Pre-K – 1

Usually, springtime is a good time for kindergarten children to review and practice some of the skills that they’ve been taught and this can be a fun interactive way of doing so.

Objective: Review addition, subtraction, and learn problem-solving skills.

Materials: An Easter Basket, Easter grass and several plastic eggs.(optional: chalkboard and chalk)

Activity: Place 2-10 eggs in the basket. Have a child count the eggs that are in the basket. Then ask 2 children to hide the eggs in a designated area. (Do not use the entire classroom, this could cause time consuming problems)

Select 1-2 children to look for the eggs. Stop him or her occasionally and ask him or her how many eggs has he or she found so far. Ask “How many more do you need to look for?”

The children can help solve this problem and may write the equation on the chalkboard to resolve the problem. Don’t forget to ask those answering first, to tell us how he or she knew.

After all the eggs have been found you may repeat the activity using other children. For more participation, you may have one child at the chalkboard, 2 hiding, and 2 hunting.

You may direct this activity to be for either adding or subtracting or to teach inverse addition and subtracting, or for missing addends. If an egg can’t be found, allow the child who hid it to retrieve the egg and remind children not to hide the eggs out of the designated area.

Individual follow-up activities for independent practice could include a worksheet of Easter Eggs with equations written inside. Then have a number code at the bottom to show what color each egg needs to be.

This would also serve as an evaluation.




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