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The basic skills of handball are practiced here through soccer and basketball exercises


P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Handball/Speedball
By – C. Contrafatto
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 4-8

I. Objective:

    A. At the end of the lesson the students will be able to demonstrate the basic skills of handball such as dribbling, passing and shooting by participating in activities that involve these skills and will be evaluated with a quick discussion at the end.

II. Materials

      A. Lesson Plan

      B. Whistle

      C. Cones

    D. Soccer balls

III. Procedure

      A. Warm-up

        1. 25 jumping jacks

        2. 10 crunches

        3. 5 push-ups

        4. Stretches

          a. Quads

          b. Calves

          c. Hamstrings

          d. Biceps

          e. Triceps

        5. Instant Activity: Knee Tag — Everyone gets a partner and faces them. The objective is to tag the partner’s knees 3 times with the hands. Once tagged 3 times switch partners with another pair that have also been tagged 3 times. Watch your heads: make sure they are upright when going for the knees.

        6. Come sit facing me

      B. Introduction

        1. Learning the fundamentals of the game Handball

        2. Handball consists of many movements and skills from other sports such as basketball and soccer.

        3. Friday is when we put together the skills and play Handball so we need to practice certain skills in order for the game to run smoothly.

        4. Today we will practice passes in both soccer and basketball but transformation passes as well.

      C. 1st Activity — Passing (Basketball)

        Set-up: Pairs of cones creating 2 parallel lines 10 feet away.

        Explain the pass, then have 1 pair demonstrate.

        Go through a couple of passes before moving on

          1. Chest Pass

          2. Bounce Pass

          3. Baseball Pass / Overhead Pass

        *Explain the soccer pass & trapping then have 1 pair demonstrate

      D. 2nd Activity — Passing (Soccer)

        Set-up: The same

          1. Pass w/ trapping

          2. Pass w/ 1 tap (no trapping)

          3. Pass w/ opposite foot

          4. Pass w/ 1 tap (no trapping) opposite foot

        *Explain transformations then demonstrate one at a time

      E. 3rd Activity — Transformation (Soccer to Basketball)

        Set-up: The cones are the same

        Partners start at one cone

        One partner goes 1st

          - Dribbles to & around cone

          - On the way back (halfway try one transformation)

          - Once transformed, pass to partner (basketball style)

          - Next partner goes

        1. Partner pass (Scoop & Flick-up)

        2. Self pass (Sandwich — Jump — Catch — Pass)

      F. 4th Activity: Keep Away

        Set-up: Groups of 4

          1 person in the middle

          3 people form a ring



          -Ball must remain moving by being passed

          -Ball must be transformed in order for the hands to touch

        Middle individual:

          -Gain possession of the ball by intercepting a pass

          -Cannot slap ball out of hands

          -May steal ball by feet

        (Switch after about 30 seconds – 1 minute in the center)

      Collect Balls and Cones

IV. Closure

      -How many prefer the basketball style? Soccer style?

      -Was the passing easier?

      -Which transformation is easier?
    On Friday we will utilize all of these skills in the fast paced game, Handball. We will have a quick review, go over the rules and then begin the game. Thank you for your enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing all of you on Friday.

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