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Self-Report Affective Assessment Rubric


Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Music, Social Studies  


4, 5  

Title – All Aboard! Exploring the Secrets of the Underground Railroad – An Interdisciplinary Unit

UGR Unit Self-Report Affective Assessment

Note, this is one part of a larger unit which can be found here.

By – Elizabeth Hodgson and Rachel Vogelpohl

Directions: Read each statement and decide how true it is for you by marking your choice on the line under the correct answer. Some of the statements are positive and some are negative. Decide whether each statement is true for you. You do not need to put your name on this, and there are no right or wrong answer, so answer honestly please. Mark an X on the space that best answers each statement.

When you are finished, please print your response and place your paper in the blue folder on the table in the back of the room. Your opinion matters to me, so thank you for helping and answering honestly!

Response Statements (one per statement) Very true
for me
Not true
for me
I’m not
1. Mostly, I like learning about the Underground Railroad. _____ _____ _____
2. I like to learn about things that happened in the past. _____ _____ _____
3. I am good at writing stories. _____ _____ _____
4. I don’t care about North Carolina history. _____ _____ _____
5. I don’t like to act in front of the class. _____ _____ _____
6. I like to make projects in a group. _____ _____ _____
7. I like when we study social studies. _____ _____ _____
8. I like to read about stories of slavery. _____ _____ _____
9. I like to perform with a group. _____ _____ _____
10. I don’t like to stand up alone. _____ _____ _____
11. I like to research the Underground Railroad on the computer. _____ _____ _____
12. I like to read books when I have the time. _____ _____ _____
13. I don’t like to play pretend. _____ _____ _____
14. I am not good at taking tests. _____ _____ _____
15. I like to work alone. _____ _____ _____
16. My teacher has fun things to do for social studies _____ _____ _____
17. I don’t know how to do homework projects. _____ _____ _____
18. I feel comfortable giving my opinion in class. _____ _____ _____
19. I like to make up stories in which I am a character. _____ _____ _____
20. My teacher gives me a choice of what I would like to learn. _____ _____ _____
21. WebQuests are fun. _____ _____ _____
22. Writing on the computer is fun. _____ _____ _____
23. I feel safe in class. _____ _____ _____

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