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A lesson on self esteem

Title – A lesson on self esteem

By – Virginia Gordillo

As a graduating class teacher my concern has been to prepare kids for College, but also for life.

When I started my school year I tried to get to know my students as fast as I could. I did and also knew their personalities and some of their concerns.

Among one of my classes I noticed this girl, a little shy, and rejected by her mates. Her attention, her paperwork shoed, was anywhere but the class. She was writing nonsense sentences, so I went to the principal to see what I could find. The principal told me this girl, eighteen years old, came to this school the year before and academically was beyond the class. She also comes from a poor family and hasn’t been socially accepted by students.

So I started to work, paying attention and helping this girl. Suddenly she was getting straight As. But since she happened to be a person of principles and values, saw another girl, lost and having trouble in the class next door. So she did to that girl the same I did with her. Last Friday we had a meeting with parents. The second girl’s parents came grateful to me asking for their daughter’s caring friend.

The lesson I learned last Friday is that being a role model is the must powerful way of teaching.

Always try to be the person your students may want to be.


Virginia Gordillo

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