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A Most Powerful Force

When a disastrous event takes place like the recent earthquake in Haiti, it gives us all a chance to reflect on what is truly important in our lives.  Living in earthquake country, the same devastation that the Haitian people are facing could be at our doorstep at any time. The human toll in such an event reminds us of how fragile life is and how much we take it for granted. 

When faced with such monumental loss, what becomes important to us?  Family and loved ones, of course.  Our own well being.  But also a sense that not even the forces of nature can rob us of our spirit and creative nature.  Amidst the rubble, the people of Haiti are already starting to regroup, re-build and prevail.  Creativity and creation, will always triumph over destruction- whether it be by nature or man, creation is the stronger force.  It is an important lesson to teach our students- they have within them something that cannot be taken away- the ability to create.  It is the most powerful force on earth, and mans ‘ greatest gift.  Will they choose to use it wisely?  

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