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A Secret Santa Claus




K, 1, 2  

Title – A Secret Santa Claus
By – Claire Goodson

My teacher’s friend teaches at a public school. There was this one boy in her class named “Scott” who had five brothers and sisters. It was getting closer to Christmas time, and “Scott” looked especially sad that day. She soon found out that “Scott”‘s family was not going to be receiving any presents this year because his family could not afford it. Once she found out, she started raising money for this family. She earned four hundred dollars. Four hundred dollars may seem like a lot, but for five children and two parents who are in need of food more than toys meant that the kids still wouldn’t be receiving much. But it was still better than nothing!!! She contacted his parents and told them the night she would be delivering the toys, food, clothes, etc. The next morning, after she had delivered the presents, “Scott” came up to her. “Mrs. Sanders!!!!! Santa left me the Power Rangers I’ve been wanting, and these new clothes, see!” She was pleased at how excited “Scott” was!! She didn’t tell him it was her; she didn’t want him to know.

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