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A Special Tribute

Title – A Special Tribute
By – Sue Gump

When I began my fourth grade teaching career, I was unmarried. In my school was a third grade teacher who was also single. A little girl who had this man as a teacher in third grade thought he would be a nice “friend” for me to have. She worked hard to help develop this friendship. She would talk to each of us about the other. Finally, on her advice I went out with this man, who I thought was goofy (that is the only word for him). Well our friendship grew into much more and after about a year we decided to marry. Needless to say our student matchmaker attended our wedding.

Sixteen years later this wonderful man and inspiring teacher suffered a fatal heart attack. His funeral was the largest our small town ever experienced with eulogies given by friends and former students. One of these people was that little girl all grown up and pregnant.

She spoke of how she brought these two people together. Although our life together was short, that little girl will always be remembered for giving me a lifetime of love with one very special man.

My husband’s death was six years ago but there is always a former student relating to me the inspiration and love they felt from my husband, their mentor.

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