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About to Quit

Title – About to Quit

By – LaVerne

I’m a substitute in my third year. About two weeks ago my husband stated I needed to find another job if I was to continue letting this one get to me. That was totally out of the question, as I love my job with all of my heart. So the next day I’m called to sub in a fourth grade class. With the exception of 3 or 4 students, I’ve been with these children for 3 years. On this particular day they were wide open and full of energy, nothing seemed to settle them down. I gave them my usual look, commented on how I was apt to take my husband up on the idea of another job, and was totally flabbergasted at their response. I was told everything of how I couldn’t quit, why, and their heartfelt emotions of how they felt towards me. I cried on my way home that day and knew right then I’d never entertain the idea of quitting again. Out of 361 children (we’re a small school), I know almost every child there. How many do I love …. each and every one.



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