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About HotChalk’s

HotChalk’s is a collection of over 3,500 lesson plans from preschool through high school and beyond, were developed by students and faculty at The University of Missouri, and more recently by the users of this website. Launched in October of 1996, The Lesson Plans Page was developed to assist educators of all types. Elementary school teachers get lesson plans that are ready to use in their classrooms.College students get great example lesson plans or ideas to base their own lesson plans on. Home schoolers can get lesson plans to use at home and parents can get ideas for educational activities to use with their children.We have worked hard to develop a good extensive resource for educators.

Please e-mail us at [hana-code-insert name=’support_email’ /]. to let us know what you think of the site, if there is anything you would like to see changed, or if you encounter any errors or problems.

The Lesson Plans Page is owned and operated by HotChalk, Inc., all rights reserved.

Add your own lesson plans:

Users can write up their lesson plans and have them sent to us through this submission form. Please make sure that the grade level is included
as it is very important for categorizing the lesson plans properly. Having clear objectives and correlations to state standards can also be very helpful. We are also now accepting middle school and high school lesson plans in order to expand the collection of The Lesson Plans Page.

Math Worksheets:

This section contains a collection of pre-made worksheets for you to print and use in your classrooms. It also includes a worksheet generator so that you can create some of your own custom math worksheets.

Science Experiments:

In addition to our Science lesson plans, we now have a helpful collection of Science Experiments for your students to try.

New Lesson Plan Interface:

We now have a simple interface to provide easy and quick access to a specific category of lesson plans, while still being able to use the site with just about any web browser or operating system.

 Lesson Plan Guide:

This page is a 10 step guide to writing lesson plans. It describes all of the major components of a lesson plan and how they should be used.


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