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Possible Scenarios for Action: Landfill Scenarios





Possible Scenarios for Action

Soil Water Energy and Industry
Investigate the reasons why Styrofoam cups, food containers, plates, etc. will never disappear from landfills. Design an advertising billboard for an environmental awareness campaign, and make a small scale drawing.

About 77% of all the water that your family uses is for personal hygiene and toilet flushing. Propose a practical household water conservation plan with five suggestions.  Create a poster that will depict your plan.

Evaluate the tasks of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and choose the one task you consider to be the most important.  Make a taped recording detailing your choice and your reasoning, and send your tape to the EPA in Washington, D. C.
Select the three best alternatives to sanitary landfills, and, in a written proposal to a local government official, defend your choices as more environmentally sound methods of waste disposal. The Cuyahoga River near Cleveland, Ohio was so polluted from industrial dumping that it actually caught fire.   Imagine you have inside information about an industry that is polluting a river near you.  What will you do?  Create a flow chart with a step-by-step plan of action. Survey the types of emissions (and their effects) from an untreated, coal-fired electricity generating station.  As though you were a concerned citizen observer using scientific instruments, keep a three-day diary of your observations and create an action plan based on your observations.

or choose a similar situation of your choosing.

Using Power Point, present your action plan to the class based on the situation that your group has chosen.

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