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Pipe cleaners, Styrofoam blocks and imagination can create a 3-D rainbow over a lake, if you use this idea




PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Rainbow Over A Lake
By – Rebecca Roddey
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – Pre-K through 2nd Grade
Students will be able to make a 3-dimensional display showing various colors of the rainbow.

1) Students will be given different colors and sizes of pipe cleaners.
2) Teacher will either allow students to color Styrofoam or he/she will provide pre-painted Styrofoam blocks.
3) View video about rainbows, lakes, and reflections.

*Pipe Cleaners of various colors
*Pre-cut (colored/painted) Styrofoam blocks (4 in. – 6 in. square)
*Colored rocks/stones, pebbles, beads (all small in size)

Teacher Observation: Teacher will watch the children develop their own rainbow over a lake. Teacher will help smaller children if necessary to bend (shape) pipe cleaners. The teacher shall in no way influence the students in their designs.

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