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Kindergartners use computer and ABC to create an original stamp pattern


Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math  



Title – Create an ABC Pattern
By – Beth Cohen
Primary Subject – Computers / Internet
Secondary Subject – Language Arts, Art, Math (Pattern)
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Object: Create and continue a repeating ABC pattern

Use KidPix to create an original pattern by stamping the letters A, B, and C and assigning a specific stamp picture to each letter.

First, click on the block letter A on the left side bar. Student will use the block letters to stamp out the letters A, B and C in a straight line. Repeat this pattern 3 – 4 times on the same line.

Once the letters are stamped out click on the stamp feature on the left side bar. Choose one picture for each of the 3 letters (ABC). Stamp the appropriate picture under each letter to create a picture pattern.

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