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This is an idea for a first day of middle school art class questionnaire




6, 7, 8  

Title – First Day of Art Questionnaire Idea
By – Paula Hrbacek
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – Middle School


    Middle School students are just learning how to form opinions, and they appreciate the opportunity to express them constructively. A 1,2,3 Questionnaire can be used in the first art class to get input from the students and to make them feel appreciated. When I did this exercise, I told them not to sign their name, and I would grade it as handed in/not handed in only. They were shocked, and asked me if this was for real. However, once they got the idea that they were valued and respected, they were easier to teach and better behaved. As a new teacher, this gave me an idea of what they already knew, and what I didn’t have to go over again.

1,2,3 Art

Answer the questions in complete sentences. Explain each item as much as you can.

  1. One thing I don’t like to do in art class.
  2. Two things I learned last year in art class.

  3. Three things I would like to learn this year in art class.

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