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This clever idea uses carbon paper shapes and an iron to create resist silhouettes




6, 7, 8  

Title – Carbon Resist
By – Susie Davis
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – 6-8


      9×12 white drawing paper


      carbon paper, newsprint

      watercolors, brushes

    iron [I usually do the ironing for safety}

Define silhouette and show examples.

Choose a theme that will incorporate silhouettes as the center of interest. For example: trees, buildings, fish, flowers, etc. Some objects, such as a flower, will be more appealing if cut in stencil form. After the silhouettes have been cut from the carbon paper, place the pieces shiny side down on the drawing paper. Cover the picture with a sheet of newsprint, and carefully press hot iron over the picture. Remove newsprint and peel away the carbon. It will leave a textured imprint. Use watercolors to paint the background. The carbon silhouettes will resist the watercolor.

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