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A brief Christmas activity idea for making 3-D Paper Bell Ornaments




2, 3  

Title – 3-D Paper Bell Ornament

By – Annie Schemmel Ormond

Primary Subject – Art

Secondary Subjects – Art

Grade Level – 2-3

Before class, the instructor should cut out patterns or stencils of a bell shape. After cutting several stencils for the class, punch holes in the middle of each stencil.

1. Trace stencil twice onto tagboard or poster board. Be certain to mark on each the point of the hole punch.

2. Cut out the stencils.

3. With a ruler or straight edge, mark a straight line on one bell going from the top to the middle point. Do the same on the second bell shape but this time the mark should go from the bottom to the center mark.

4. Cut along the marked line on both bell shapes.

5. Slide the two shapes together along slits to be sure they fit before you decorate.

6. Decorate all sides. It looks best if you flatten the bells as you decorate so that you have continuity in the decorative pattern.

7. Punch a hole in the bell that was slit from the top and tie on a string.

These are beautiful done with colored pencils and glitter. You can use the same idea with many other shapes, the bell is just simple enough for all and easy enough to decorate. Have fun!


Annie Schemmel Ormond


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