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This Craft idea is for making a Christmas Wishing Tree




K, 1, 2  

Title – Christmas Wishing Tree
By – Diana Cohen
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-2
1. Using green paper or card, have students trace around the outline of their hand. This is best done working in pairs, so one student can trace the other’s hand and the other can hold their hand very still.
2. Cut out the hands. Students with good fine motor control can do this themselves.
3. Holding their handprint so that the fingers point downwards, ask each student to write a Christmas wish on their hand. They can write their own wish, or one for a friend or family member.
4. Using glitter, paints or whatever is available, decorate the hands, being careful not to cover the written wish.
5. Collect all the handprints and, on a separate large piece of card, arrange the hands into the shape of a Christmas tree and fix with staples or glue. Ensure the fingers all point downwards. The fingers look like branches and leaves and the finished “wish tree” looks fantastic. Kids will love reading each other’s wishes.

HINT: Where possible, use a combination of light and dark green hands.

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