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Kids love to get their hands in the “green mess” of these Christmas Wreath ornaments




K, 1, 2  

Title – Christmas Wreath Ornaments
By – Ginger Cagley
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – K-2

Materials needed: Oatmeal, glue, green food color, glue gun, wax paper, small red plastic balls (that look like little cranberries).

1. Pour glue into bowl.
2. Pour green food coloring into bowl with glue and mix well until all glue is green (ornaments turn out better if color is a dark green).
3. Pour oatmeal into green glue (put enough oatmeal until all glue is absorbed and oatmeal has thickened).
4. Let children take handful of oatmeal, put on wax paper, and form into the shape of a wreath.
5. Let dry over night.
6. Hot glue the red balls onto the wreath.
7. Tie red ribbon at top of Christmas wreath to hang on Christmas Tree.

I have made these for two years with my students and they are a lot of fun. The kids love to get their hands in the “green mess”. They turn out very cute – I have had several compliments on them. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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