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Use this clever idea to color salt with sidewalk chalk to create colored sand Valentine’s Cards




K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Colored Sand Valentines Cards
By – Valerie
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – K – 6

This activity involves small muscle coordination and creativity.

What you need:

      1. Salt

      2. Sidewalk Chalk

      3. Clear glue

      4. Colored paper

    5. Markers


      1. Place the salt in small separate containers – one for each color.

      2. Take the chalk and rub it in one of the containers with the salt, this should color the salt that color. Repeat with every color of chalk.

      3. Ask the children to write what they want on the card before they decorate it.

      4. The children may now make designs on the paper by making designs with the glue on the paper and pour or sprinkle the colored salt over the glue. Shake the excess salt off the paper.

    5. Allow to dry for half a day.

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