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An Art or Social Studies lesson on Costa Rica


Art, Social Studies  


4, 5  

Social Studies/Art lesson on Costa Rica

Sara Broughton


: Creating an Oxcart


: Thursday March 13, 1997: 2:40-3:45

Performance Expectations

: Students will create and design
their own replica of an oxcart and will discuss the uses and importance
of one.

Content Area

: Economics and Fine Arts


: discussion, creativity, drawing, and following


: posterboard, ruler, scissors, glue, and markers
or crayons


: Students will create and design their own
oxcart using posterboard for the base. The students will need
to make a box with no lid using the posterboard. The teacher
should demonstrate how to do this. Have the students decorate
their carts by making designs and using markers or crayons color
them. They should decorate before they glue their box together.
Next they will need to cut two circles out of a piece of posterboard
for wheels that will be glued to the sides of the box. Discuss
with the students the uses of an oxcart today and in the past.
The finished products will be displayed around the classroom.


: The teacher may wish to create his or her
own oxcart to show as an example for the students. This activity
may require a little more time than allowed, therefore the students
may have to take them home and finish them there.


: The students will be expected to write about
their oxcarts and what they learned new from this activity. The
students will receive points for their oxcart in their fine arts


: none

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