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This lesson teaches the direct glue & grout method of Mosaics




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Title – Mosaic Direct Method Lesson Plans
By – Delphi
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – 1-5 

Objective: teach students the Mosaic Direct Method

Upon completion of this lesson students may continue on to create:

Delphi Mosaic Flower Pots

The mosaic direct method has been used for thousands of years. Just glue and grout glass, tile and other objects onto smooth surfaces. Your students will find how fun mosaics can be to get creative. Using this method, just about anything can get a mosaic makeover: inexpensive wooden, Styrofoam or glass objects, or even garage sale bargains. Make it look great with imagination and mosaics!

I.   Preparation

      1.   Your; object to mosaic should be clean and dry and have a smooth surface.


      2.   Transfer your design onto the project to mosaic by taping carbon transfer paper and your pattern in place and tracing over the pattern with a pen.


      3.   Remove the pattern and carbon paper. Hard line the pattern onto the project by tracing over the carbon lines with a marker.


    4.   NOTE: To mosaic onto a clear object you do not need to transfer your pattern. Tape the pattern behind the object. Follow the pattern and glue pieces directly onto the glass object.

II.   Glue Glass

      1.   Place your project to mosaic horizontally. If you must glue pieces vertically you can hold them in place with tape or use a silicone mosaic adhesive. Remove tape once the glue has set and before grouting. Following the pattern, glue mosaic pieces onto your project. Place a small amount of glue on the backside of the piece and press it firmly onto the object. Place pieces slightly apart and in from the edge of the object to allow for grout.


      2.   Once the main subject is glued down, nip remaining pieces to fill in the background. Always wear eye protection when nipping. Glue pieces in place. Mosaic Tip: for very small pieces use tweezers to place pieces on object.


    3.   Allow glue to set for 24 hours.

III.   Grout Project

      1.   Place object on newspaper and put on rubber gloves.


      2.   Following the directions on the grout package, mix the grout. Grout is available pre-colored, or can be custom colored by adding colorants to white grout. Wear a dust mask when mixing grout.


      3.   Work grout into spaces between the glass with your hands or a rubber spatula (see photo 4).


      4.   Remove excess grout with your hands or a damp sponge. Grout should be flush with glass pieces and fill all spaces between the glass.


      5.   Allow grout to dry. A haze will appear on the mosaic pieces. Remove any excess grout and buff glass clean with a paper towel or a soft cloth.


    6. Allow the project to dry for an additional 24 hours. A grout sealant may be applied if desired. Apply as directed but remove all sealant from the mosaic glass pieces with a paper towel before sealant dries.

IV.   Direct Method Basic Supplies List

Listed with Delphi item numbers for easy reference

#2039 Wheeled Glass Nippers
#LN275 Waterproof Mosaic Glue
#2092 Grouting Sponge
#5157 Rubber Gloves — 5 Pack
#5877 Carbon Tracing Paper
#5163 Safety Glasses
#5161P Dust Masks — 5 Pack

You will also need the following supplies: Pen, Marker, Paper Towel or Soft Cloth, Measuring Cup, Mixing Bowl and Spoon, Newspaper.

Optional Supplies:

Photography and instructions from Mosaic Art Home Decor for Beginners book #5971. For more information and project ideas refer to this book and Delphi’s mosaic favorites:

Marvelous Mosaics #9019
Expand your vision of mosaics with an array of diverse techniques and materials. Make beautiful pieces for your home and garden with broken china, glittering glass jewels, shimmering mirrors, smooth stones and other found objects.

Encyclopedia of Mosaic Techniques #6098
This book features a comprehensive guide to the art of making mosaics, packed with creative ideas, theories of design, composition and color. Provides information about the correct technical approach to working with a wide variety of materials, tools, techniques and surfaces. A complete contemporary guide to an ancient art form.

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