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Create a “Fused Art Glass Frame” with a kiln




9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Fused Art Glass Frames
By – Delphi
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – High School
Time Required – 3-4 Sessions

Delphi Art Glass Lesson Plan
Fused Picture Frames


Students will 1) learn glass cutting to create a “mosaic look” picture frame; 2) work with color and shape to create abstract designs; and 3) learn fusing and kiln basics.

Before beginning this lesson, students should complete the following lesson:

Delphi Art Glass Fusing Instructions

Delphi Beginning Stained Glass Instruction

Delphi Glass Cutting Techniques

Materials for 12 Projects:

Qty. Item Number   Description

3 sm #B110150 Clear Glass (cut into ¾” x 3½” strips)
1 #F790190 Golden Amber Mosaic Frit
1 #F770190 Evergreen Mosaic Frit
1 #F740390 Cobalt Blue Mosaic Frit
1 #F760690 Red Mosaic Frit
12 ————- Acrylic Frames 3.5″ x 5″ (available from most craft or photo stores)
1 #LN275 Adhesive Glue
Glass Cutting Supplies
1 #5104 Toyo Glass Cutter
1 #5068 Running Pliers
1 #5163 Safety Glasses

Teacher’s note: One sheet of clear glass strips makes twelve frames. One bottle of each of the mosaic frits makes about 12+ frames. Use extra sheets of clear glass to make additional frames. Students can also use fusible glass instead of frit to create their own design.


Refer to Delphi’s Instructions for Fusing for detailed instructions.

  1. Cut clear glass into strips. For glass cutting directions see Delphi Instructions for Beginning Stained Glass or Stained Glass Made Easy video #6149V.
  2. On a kiln washed shelf, arrange the clear strips to form a rectangle.
  3. Cover the clear glass with random pieces of mosaic frit. It is acceptable to overlap the colors.
  4. Using Fusing Schedule on Delphi’s Instructions for Fusing , place in kiln and fire flat.
  5. Attach a clear acrylic frame to the backside of the fused picture frame with adhesive glue. Insert your favorite photo!

Tip: Be sure there is at least two layers of glass over each of the seams or you may get a hole.

Project from Glass Fusing Made Easy book #5981. Please refer to it for more detailed directions and beautiful beginner projects.

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