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“Mosaic Flower Pots” are created using the Mosaic Direct Method above




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Title – Mosaic Flower Pots
By – Delphi
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – 1-5
Time Required: 2-3 Sessions


Students will 1) learn the direct method of mosaics; 2) learn shape and dimension in three-dimensional projects; 3) develop their creativity by choosing colors and creating designs.

Students should complete the following lessons before starting this project:

Delphi Direct Method Mosaics

Delphi Beginning Stained Glass Instruction


Qty. Item Number Description
1 #7973B ¾” Stained Glass Chips — 4 lb. Variety Mix
1 #201875 Terra Cotta Grout – 10 lb.
#8971U Daisy Stained Glass Pre-Cut (optional)
Project to mosaic: Small clay flower pots
(about 4″ high and 4½” wide)

Teacher’s note: stained glass chips and grout create approximately 24 projects.

Additional tools used: Basic supplies listed on Delphi’s Instructions for Mosaic Direct Method .


Refer to Delphi’s Instructions for Mosaic Direct Method for detailed instructions.

  1. If working with a pattern, use carbon paper to trace the pattern onto the pot.
  2. Students nip and glue on chips either alone or combined with a pre-cut. Students create their own design or follow a pattern provided by teacher.
  3. Allow glue to set for 24 hours.
  4. Mix up grout and apply to pots.
  5. Remove excess grout and sponge off any grout on the flower pot rim. Let grout dry.
  6. Buff glass pieces clean.


  1. If students are familiar with stained glass cutting techniques (see ), they can cut specific shapes, or you can use pre-cut designs. Delphi’s Pre-Cut Stained Glass Daisy (#8971U), Frog (#425519U) or Dragonfly (#425520U) designs work great on flower pots.
  2. This project works great on any sized pot. For larger flower pots, you can combine pre-cuts or cluster the daisies to form floral bunches.

Project ideas are from Mosaic Art Outdoor Décor for Beginners book #5998.

Visit Delphi’s teacher site for a 10% discount, .

For more information email Delphi!

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