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“Stained Glass Patriotic Heart Suncatcher Project” uses the preceding lessons




4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Patriotic Heart Suncatcher
By – Delphi
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – 4-8
Time Required: 3 sessions

1) Students will learn the basics of stained glass including glass cutting, assembly, soldering and finishing. 2) Students will improve hand dexterity, attention to detail and craftsmanship. 3) Students will learn the importance of color and light, as sunlight will change the color of the glass and crate a rainbow refractory through the bevel.

Before beginning this lesson, students should complete:

Delphi Beginning Stained Glass Instruction

Delphi Glass Cutting Techniques

Materials for 12 Projects:

Quantity Item Number Description
12 #5264 1½ Square Bevels
2 small #S152RR Spectrum Red Rough Rolled Glass
2 small #S134RR Spectrum Blue Rough Rolled Glass
2 small #S20091W Spectrum White Waterglass  
2 #5571 7/32 Silver Back Foil
2 #3000 Mastercraft Solder
for Lead Free use #2999)
1 #5607 Bag of Hooks
1 #5521 Gel Flux

Teacher’s note: Cut each small sheet of glass into six pieces, creating 4″ square pieces of glass for each student. Experiment with different colors of glass. If creating hearts that are one color (example: all red for a Valentine’s Day project) use 4 small sheets of glass, with each student receiving 1/3 of the sheet.

8″ 12″


Additional Supplies:
See Basic Supplies List on
Delphi’s Beginning Stained Glass Instructions sheet

Refer to Delphi’s Beginning Stained Glass Instructions ( for detailed directions.
1.   Cut the easiest piece first — they’re numbered from the easiest (#1 is a bevel – no cutting required) to the most difficult (pieces 4 and 5).
2.   On pieces 4 and 5, cut the curved side first.
3.   Grind or use a scythe stone to remove burrs.
4.   Foil.
5.   Solder, including the hook onto the top of the heart.
6.   Clean and polish.

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