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In this lesson, students draw landscapes in the style of impressionist artists of the 1800s




10, 11, 12  

Title – Drawing What you See
By – Maggi
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – Years 10-12

I feel as though I haven’t seen an object until I actually start painting it. ” (Janet Fish)

Title: Landscapes and Outdoors

Concept: Teaching students to be aware of what is outside when painting. To ground work by using a horizon, and to create depth and distance by using perspective.

General Goal: To draw and/or paint the schoolyard using either realistic approach based on an impressionist style of painting.

Specific Objectives: To concentrate on light and shade and use one of two styles; pointillism (Seurat), or place color side by side by side (Pissarro)

Required Materials: Pencils for first sketches, and red, yellow and blue paint plus a small brush.

Lead-In: Show the paintings from the two artists and discuss similarities and differences. Compare them with a photograph and works of earlier realistic landscape artists.

Task 1: Have the students write a critique on 5 paintings, one from each impressionist artist of the 1800s;

Sisley: Field Guard from the forest of Fontainebleu 1870
Pissarro: Landscape near Chaponvale 1880
Seurat: Scene near Courbevoir 1885-6
Monet: The Scene at Bougival 1869
Van Gogh: Sunrise at San-Remy 1869

Task 2: Paint the school yard in the style of one of these painters, or copy one of these paintings.

Pre-Lesson: Sketching the yard using pencils, charcoal or conte

Follow-Up: Students sketch and paint a scene from their own home or the neighborhood

Assessment: Write a critique on your own work and have 3 other students write a critique on your work as well.

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