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This art idea is for making an Easter basket out of a bleach jug




K, 1, 2, 3, 4  


Title – An Easter Basket
By – Allene Miller
Subject – Art
Grade Level – K-4
Take a white empty bleach jug. Rinse it out so that there is no bleach residue. Cut it on the top line all the way around. The bottom half of the jug will be the basket. Make a 1 inch cut down the side of the basket. Next, cut a 1 inch strip all the way around. This strip will be the handle for the basket. Use the hole punch and make a hole in each end of the handle and two holes on opposite sides on the top rim about 1/2 inch down on the basket. Use the metal brads that open up and flatten out to attack the handle to the basket. Let the children paint Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and spring flowers on the basket. Attach a ribbon to the handle. Put grass in the bottom and write each child’s name on the underside.

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