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This clever Easter idea transforms egg cartons into ready-to-decorate baskets




K, 1, 2, 3, 4  

Title – Egg Carton Easter baskets
By – Casey
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – K – 4 

Separate the top and bottom of the carton then cut along the side flaps so that you are left with 2 lots of 12 cups and two long strips.

Next, cut the egg cartons so that they are in groups of four cups. Use the long strips as the handle of the basket by stapling each end to opposite sides of the egg cups (older age groups could complete these steps themselves).

This step is optional: Momentarily dip cardboard egg cartons into a strong mixture of water and dye. The cardboard will usually take up the color without weakening. Place the cartons in the sun to dry.

The basket is now ready to decorate as you please. A great idea is to use ‘egg shell art’.

Fill the basket with soft paper, cotton buds, shredded paper, or the like, and it is ready to be filled with eggs!

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