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Here’s a fun Easter egg project




PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – A good egg / Easter egg project

By – Leanna Hopkins

Subject – Art

Grade Level – Prek-5

This is a cool project and I think all elementary grades would like it.


tempera Paint

Styrofoam plates

Plastic wrap



First pre cut enough paper in the shape of eggs for your class. You might want several for each student. They need to be about the size of an adult hand.

Next pre mix some cool colors of tempera paint. Mix white with purple, yellow, and red to create Easter colors.

When your students are ready, allow them to pour the colors they want to use onto their plate. They need to select at least two colors. You might also want to make different shades of lavender, pink etc.

Next cover the plate with plastic wrap and allow the student to mix the colors with their finger on the outside of the plastic.

They will like this. Don’t allow them to mix the colors completely. They want to just swirl it or move them around.

Then remove the plastic wrap. Allow the student to place their eggs in the paint one paper at a time until their paper is gone.

When they dry you can laminate them, punch a hole and hang them.

If the eggs are cut perfectly you can put one on one side and glue them together then laminate them.

They are cool.




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