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Another Easter lesson idea, this one involves creating a “stuffed” picture




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Title – Stuffed Stuff
By – Brittany
Subject – Art, Easter
Grade Level – 1st-4th
Materials: 1. News Paper (lots) 2. Stapler (with staples) 3. Paint (thick) (4. optional string) 5. Your wacky brain

First you need to fold a newspaper in half, then get a marker and draw an Easter picture on one side of the newspaper. Don’t color it in though. Next cut on your outside lines that you drew. Be sure to cut the whole newspaper, not just one side of the fold that you folded. After that staple the two sides that you cut out together about an inch apart leaving a small hole at the top just big enough so that you can fit your hand through. Then, with the extra paper that you had left over from when you cut your picture out stuff your picture with the newspaper. Put the newspaper through the hole that you have left. Then staple the top together so that it is like the rest of your picture. Then go get that thick paint and paint one side of your picture, let it sit for awhile so that side can dry,(usually takes about an hour.) After it has dried up turn it over and paint the other side,then let it sit for an hour. If you are not pleased with how dark your picture is paint over it the same colors. Then if you want you can add more stuff to it, like streamers for hair or something. After you do that you can hang it up, (optional) with the string. Punch a hole in the top of the picture with a hole puncher, then tie the string around the hole and tape it to the ceiling or somewhere like that. Once this is done you are finished with your art. Now get off of this computer and go have some fun.

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