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Here’s another Christmas Tree Craft idea – this one is edible!




PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Yummy Christmas Trees
By – Regina Adams
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Pre-school-Grade 2
Objective-To create edible Christmas trees

Materials–sugar ice cream cones, cool whip colored with green food coloring, various colorful candies, colored popcorn, candy sprinkles, candy gumdrops, plastic knives, paper plates, and a lots of imagination

Procedure-Distribute paper plates. Provide each student with a sugar cone and a plastic butter knife. Invert sugar cones. Students may hold cones with one hand and ice the cones with the other.
Demonstrate how to “ice the Christmas trees.” Simply spread the colored icing on the sugar cones. Add sprinkles, popcorn, and other candies as tree decorations. Eat immediately. * Prepare icing ahead of time by adding drops of liquid green food coloring to a large tub of cool whip. If you wish the project to go home, use the prepared icing bought in cans which can purchased at any supermarket. * I have done this project many times. It is a favorite. Not once has this project ever gotten home.

Although this project is great by itself, it can be used to culminate a Social Studies Unit on holiday customs. It is also an excellent “cooking project” for very young children.

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