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Here is an edible pudding finger painting lesson




PreK, K  

Title – Pudding Finger Art
By – Holley Hughes
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – P-K
Group Size – 4

1. Students will control small muscles in hands.
2. Students will coordinate eye-hand movement.
3. Students will be able to respect and care of classroom environment and materials.
4. Students will be able to classify different objects/smells/tastes.
5. Students will be able to answer questions.

1. 3 boxes of instant pudding (1-vanilla, 1-chocolate, 1-butterscotch)
2. Milk
3. 3 big mixing bowls
4. Measuring cup
5. 3 big spoons
6. Wax paper

1. Before lesson, prepare puddings according to box directions and place on art table.
2. Before lesson, tear out one large piece of wax paper for each child.
3. Prior to children sitting down at art table, they must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
4. Each child gets one spoonful of each type of pudding on the top of their wax paper.
5. Explain to children that they get to eat while they do art. Encourage them to try the three different puddings with their fingers. After they try it, they can use it like finger paint and they can make pictures with their pudding.
6. When their time is up, the wax paper can be thrown away and the children can go wash their hands.

1. What other types of art can we eat? (i.e. Jell-o, sprinkles, whip cream etc….)
2. How does the pudding feel?
3. Do the puddings smell the same or different?

1. Someone with milk allergies can do art with another food. (Be aware of children’s allergies; if someone has a milk allergy, maybe pick another food which everyone can use.)

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