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Creativity Explored




8, 9, 10, 11  

Title – Creativity explored
By – Lioda Conrad
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 8-11
Lesson in precision drawing.

Have the students take a short field trip outside the classroom armed with paper and either a soft pencil (2HB) or softer or a pastel. They must make a rubbing of 6 different surfaces such as stone, mosaic blocks, tree bark etc.

Each rubbing must be done on the left side of the paper to allow for the corresponding drawing on he right.

Once back in the classroom the students must draw these textures by hand next to the rubbing trying to reproduce the texture as accurately as possible.

The finer detail is often an area neglected by a lot of artists. This is a lot of work and time consuming but is necessary to hone in on the detail skills.

Remember, look closely!

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