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Creativity Explored




7, 8, 9  

Title – Creativity explored
By – Lioda Conrad
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 7-9
A creative way to get a group of art students to become creative with various mediums without constraints of a set piece of work.

Have the students collect the following materials. Shoe polish assorted colors, bitumen (liquid tar), white house paint, crayons, powder paints, pastels, cotton wool, steel wool or potscrourer, turpentine and thinners.
Note from Many of the above materials are toxic and if used, must be used with extreme caution.

Each student must use an A1 size paper and be allowed a certain amount of time on each drawing. The idea is for the students to start working on their own piece of paper and move on to the next student’s paper and continue doing so until he/she has come full circle back to their own painting. Then finish off their sketch in the final amount of time.

Techniques to be used are:
Powder paint strewn on the paper and dissolved and smeared with the cotton wool and thinner or turpentine. The other mediums can be used in the same way. The white paint is to apply areas of highlights and light after the background has been covered by color and objects.

Two hints for the lesson:
1. Choose a theme e.g. cityscape
2. Use atmosphere music. Music with a fast upbeat pace produces more energetic activity and classical or soft ballads tend to create more placid works.

This will really loosen their individual styles and make them open to other techniques.

Have fun!

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