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In this creativity lesson, students express words, emotions, or actions in pastels





Title – Creativity
By – Caryn
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – 4

This lesson was an unplanned lesson, so feel free to modify it as you go along.

I started with a discussion about emotions, and spoke about the topic they were busy learning about… transportation.

I also discussed how we could express emotions, using color, shading, and style of drawing or coloring.
I gave them the instructions about what we were going to do, including the rules.

      1. They were to give me words / emotions / actions


      2. I wrote them on the board


      3. They must choose 2-3 words and think about how those words make them feel, what picture they get in their mind, or what memory does it trigger.


    4. They then used pastels to put that image on paper.

The rules:

      1. No pencils – straight from the mind to the paper in color. It doesn’t matter if they make mistakes. Adapt. 2. No outlines – the image needed to be ‘real’ and blended. The outline of shapes makes such a hard line; very unrealistic – pastels are great medium to blend


      3. If they made a mistake, they had to adapt it to their picture, no rubbing out, use creativity.


      4. No words on their pages / expression through color, shape, etc.


      5. Most important – no white left on the page… then the objects look like they are just floating on the page (some children had A3 size pages).


      6. Do your own work and be creative! We are all individuals, with our own creative minds. Explore you own mind!

Once they had drawn and colored their pictures, I had them explain (interpret) what they drew, what it was all about. I then opened the floor for discussion. The rest of the class could explain how they interpreted the pictures, being creative again, and using language.

(Ask questions: how does it make you feel, what does it remind you of? or think of?)

Always give positive feedback in this lesson as none will be doing the wrong thing. They are all creating their own work!!

(Remember if you use pastels, you can seal the pictures with a quick spray of hair spray – a cheap and convenient method to stop it from smudging.)

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