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An Art lesson plan on Impressionism and Claude Monet




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Lesson Plan Title: Impressionism-Claude Monet
Sara P.

OBJECTIVES: Students will:

learn about Impressionism through the works of Claude Monet, gain an understanding of the Impressionistic movement in art, study Impressionism painting on a field trip to the Art Institute in Chicago, create an Impressionistic painting


Life lessons – how art can effect emotions

History – the French Impressionism movement in history

OUTLINE OF CLASS ACTIVITIES: (introduction, demonstration, procedures to be used)

Day 1: Introduction

1. Display several paintings by Claude Monet

2. Explain the Impressionism movement in art and its importance (artists who were influenced by it)

3. Ask students to look at scenes around them, studying how light and shadow are related; to think about a scene that they would like to recreate in paint

4. Discuss with the students what thoughts the paintings bring to mind, what emotions they evoke. Start by modeling with your thoughts of these works of art. Explain to the students how different paintings can stir different thoughts and emotion.

Day 2: Field trip to Art Institute in Chicago or other art museum that has some of Monet’s works

Day 3: Beginning of art making session 1. Discuss the methods that were used by the Impressionist 2. Pass out supplies

Day 4: Continuation of art making session

ENDING THE CLASS PERIOD: (assignments, summary, closure, correlation, transitions)

Ask students what they think about Impressionism, how do the paintings make them feel, do they like this style of artwork (remember there are no wrong answers here) Ask questions about what was learned.

examples of Monet's works
permission slips/bus transportation

EVALUATION OF CLASS PERIOD: (How will you know if objectives were reached?)

Observation and questions

TEACHER NOTES: This lesson can be easily adapted to any artist and/or artistic movement

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