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This lesson uses language arts to teach creative movement


Art, Language Arts  


K, 1, 2, 3  


Catherine Dube

Lesson Plan Subject: Art

Lesson Plan Title: Language Arts and Creative Movement

The lesson plan:


Grade Level: K-3


1) To encourage students to express and identify emotions.

2) To strengthen recall skills

Materials: “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister

25 pieces of metallic sticky paper cut into large scales

25 Blue, green and purple tissue paper streamers

Tape player and peppy music

Motivation: Discuss different feelings and emotions. Have students act them out and situations where they may arise. (Ex. Fear may be felt in a dark room)


1. Have students sit in a large circle around you. Read story and have students act out any emotions they hear throughout the story.

2. Assign characters to each child (one rainbow fish, one starfish, one octopus, one little blue fish and all others will be fish). Hand out props: silver scales to rainbow fish and streamers to everyone else. Reread the story and have students act out as you read. Remind them that fish do not talk, do not bump into each other, nor do they run! They must however keep “swimming” at all times.

Assessment: Discuss how this story relates to their own lives? What are some of the things they could do to help others feel happy (share, make friends, include others when playing, compliment good behavior).

Follow-up lesson: Draw fish in geometric shapes with crayons on 12×18 white paper and paint with watercolor wash.

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