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Here’s great Thanksgiving “Textured Turkeys” lesson


Art, Language Arts  


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Title – Textured Turkeys
By – Pat Higgins
Subject – Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – Grades l-5
Textured Turkeys

Concepts: To learn that Texture is an Element of Art.
To be able to differentiate between implied texture
and actual texture.
Materials: brown construction paper 9×12
scissors with a pointed edge *caution the young ones about the blunt vs sharp edge.
a variety of handmade textured papers.
glue sticks
a variety of construction paper.
12xl8 white paper.
1. Make a variety of different paper that will hold lots of color. I do stations for one period. Have children move from station to station making different papers, some examples are: watercolor wet on wet paper, thick tempera and or acrylic, using a comb and running it through. blowing bubbles on paper, using saran wrap to make a “frost textured paper”. marbled papers.
2. The following week have children make a simple sketch of a turkey head on and or from the profile, yes you will have to draw with them, to show how much Space to use on the brown paper. Cut this shape out and design feathers that overlap in all of the variety of papers you’ve made. You can raise chest feathers by creating a texture (cut “V’s” into the chest and lift them to give an effect of textured feathers, add the details with the papers and or solid construction. Need to balance the busy paper and the solid. Talk about synthetic or implied texture the papers and actual raised texture the chest one you see the other you feel, but you are trying to show texture.
3. Go over gluing and how much to use etc…..
4. Put the entire masterpiece on the white and Draw , Draw , Draw that background.

Happy Thanksgiving.!!!!!

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