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This is a lesson plan for creating “Leaf Turkeys”




PreK, K  


Title – Leaf turkeys
By – S. McCoy
Subject – Art, Thanksgiving
Grade Level – Pre/Kind
These leaf turkeys are fun!! Collect fall leaves when they are at their most colorful and looking their best. Make a turkey head and body pattern. I have one but don’t know how to share it on the Internet yet (I’m a novice). Make a pattern or use one that you have but exclude the tail. Next get a sheet of construction paper, the smaller size should work, and gather a collection of the fall leaves that you will use for the tail of the turkey. Put the head and body on sheet of construction paper and then arrange the leaves behind it to create a fantail for the turkey. Once you are pleased with the appearance, glue the fall leaves on the construction paper to resemble a fan tail and then glue the body/head part of the turkey on top so that the turkey now has a tail. You can add waddles and feet or what ever to the turkey then as you desire. Use “wiggly eyes”, construction paper waddles in red, orange feet, whatever your creative energy thinks to do. It will be a neat turkey for your kids to take home to decorate for the big day.

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