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Here’s a Holiday craft idea called “Little Angels”




PreK, K  

Title – Little Angels
By – Nicole Carson
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – PreKindergarten-K
For making “Little Angels”, first you need to have them, which we all do because we are teachers! Your Little Angels will need: white construction paper (nice and sturdy), scissors, glue, skin-tone paper, markers or crayons, yarn in various hair colors, a chenile stem for the halo, and glitter (optional).
Depending on the abilities of your class, the children should all have a couple sheets of white construction paper to trace their hands and one shoed foot. You may need to help them with this. Once they have traced both hands and one foot, have them cut them out with scissors. Just keep motivating them to cut on the line. Hands are difficult to cut out. Yet, if the children really concentrate on the line it is easier for them. Still, you may need to help some. Once everything is cut out, the shoed foot acts as the body of the “little angel”. The hands are the wings. The heel of the foot is where the head should be placed, having been cut from the skin-toned paper. Glue the head, and wings to the angel body. Allow the children to draw a face, and to decorate the angel with their crayons and markers. Once they have completed that, allow them to cut bits of yarn in their own hair color to be glued onto the angel’s head. Top it off with a chenile stem for the halo, and glitter on the wings! Adorable!!!! We made them into ornaments.

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