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This lesson is on Basket Making with Posterboard and involves Measuring


Art, Math  


7, 8, 9, 10  

Title – Basket Making out of Poster Board
By – Annie St. Germain
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – 7-10

Estimated time – 2-3 class periods of 1 hour each

The student will learn the necessity for the use of standards.
The student will know how to measure accurately to design a basket.
The student will learn the history of basket making.

Materials Needed:
Ruler, pencil, poster board, glue, colored binding, basket descriptions, paper, and scissors.

Activity and Procedures:
          Overview of basket making given by instructor with demonstration of measuring, cutting, gluing, and weaving a basket.
          Students start construction of baskets with assistance of teacher. Students will measure and cut basket pieces (learning how to use a ruler for accurate measurement). They will glue bottom in place (spacing by measurement) and prepare weavers. After bottom has dried, student will begin to weave the basket. When weaving is completed, student will bind the rim and handle.

Tying it all Together:
          Students will write a short description on basket making and list steps they used to create a basket in this class for later reference. Students will include a paragraph on how they could use these skills in the real world of work.

Rubric – Measuring- 20, Cutting- 15, weaving-15, gluing 5, binding-15, looks of finished product- 15, and writing- 20.

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