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A great interior-design project for high-school classes




9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Interior Design and Housing Makeover Project
By – Sabrina L. Gordon
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects –  
Grade Level – 9-12
(Used With Permission From
Lesson Plan Title: Interior Design Final Makeover Project
Concept / Topic To Teach: Interior Design
Standards Addressed: 7055 Interior Design and Housing
Competency 6.00 Design Fundamentals
General Goal(s): The students will complete a redesign project in school using the fundamentals of design
6.00Apply the elements and principles of design and color to housing
Specific Objectives:
6.01 Summarize the elements and principles of design
6.02 Create color schemes for housing interiors and exteriors
6.03 Apply the elements and principles of design
Required Materials:
Paint schemes
Supply lists
Paint supplies
Clean up materials

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):
The teacher will provide student with supplies i.e. paint and brushes to practice painting techniques on boards for display in the classroom.
The teacher will provide the budget available for the project to the students and the time frame available.
The students will select an area in the school as the make over project.
The students will divide into teams and make proposals for the job.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
Select room.
Conduct interviews with school personnel.
Estimate prices.
Create outline of job.
Conduct phone calls.
Purchase supplies.
Set up time schedule.
Set up work schedule.
Provide samples of proposed color scheme.
Provide list of all elements and principles of design being used and time line of completion.
Schedule final project inspection (reception) inviting teachers and school personnel to view final project.
Plan For Independent Practice:
Each student will submit a plan to the leader of the group for discussion using the elements and principles of design.
Each student will be actively involved in selection of final decision.
Open classroom discussion on each plan will allow for possible combination of plans for project.

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):

Assessment Based On Objectives:
Students will complete the chosen project using all elements and principles of design listed in the standards above.
Students will evaluate the work they did and the work of their partners according to the standards listed above.

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):
Students with learning disabilities will be paired up with others to complete the assignments.
Students will be working in pairs with consideration to the disability they have.

Extensions (For Gifted Students):
Gifted students will be responsible for the planning and documentation of the responsibilities of each individual.
Students will be chosen to lead the project.
Students will conduct interviews with local store owners and suppliers in town and present the information to the class. Price comparison.
Students will collect samples of paint, fabric, and supplies needed.

Possible Connections To Other Subjects:
Other Vocational classes, which will also use the elements and principles of design.
These vocational students will be able to assist with the hands on part of the project and will be able to provide the needed manual labor that the Interior Design students would not be able to perform.
Foods and Nutrition (for planning of reception)

Note: We have completed a makeover project for a small office in the school this past year and the students truly loved doing this. They had true hands on experience. We still have some kinks to work out but the concept worked well. The class contained students with disadvantages as well as gifted. They were able to pull together and complete the project without any conflict over abilities.
We now have a waiting list of rooms that teachers and administration wish for us to makeover.

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