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Here is a good Halloween idea called “Monsters, Ghosts, and Other Things That Go BOO”


Art, Language Arts, Music  



Title – Monsters, Ghosts and other things that go boo
By – Gerry McDougald
Subject – Music, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 6

This is a unit that I have put together for my class. I have inserted clip art images that I found in various webpages that offer ooddles of images and pictures (so you can do the same). I am using this unit with my grade 6/7 class. So far they are really enjoying it. I have some evaluation rubrics that I have not sent along but are available if anyone can use them or wants them. (Most if not all of the activities listed here are Ontario Standards friendly)

Activity #1

You have just been selected to create a new monster for an upcoming scary movie. You can make it out of any and all of the art materials available. It is your own personal creation.

Include the following:
Name of the monster
Favorite thing to eat
Where it lives
Write a brief biography about the experience your monster has in scarring people

Use the spaces below to make some planning sketches for your creation.

Activity #2
Brainstorm in your group to think of and list all the supernatural and unnatural creatures and people. Classify them in as many different ways as you can. Can you think of some unusual ways to classify them?
Example – colour, and size

Activity #3
You have just started your own business. This isn’t just any ordinary business. You offer people a very valuable service. You are the proud owner of Rent a Ghost. There is one problem that you are facing right now, and that is, sales are slow. It is your job to turn things around and get more people aware of your services.

Your Job:
For your customers information you will design a brochure listing all your available ghosts, describing their haunting habits, appearances, special talents, and hourly rental fees.

The brochure should be at least 1 page both sides. You can create a folding job to attract potential customers.

Activity #4
What are nightmares?
Brainstorm all the reasons that you think cause people to have nightmares. Classify nightmares into categories or types.


Question: What do you think is the most common type of nightmare people have?


Activity: Make a list of nightmares that people might have and ask the students in your group and in the class what nightmare they think is the most common. (list the options on a sheet of lined paper and attach to this sheet.)

Present your information on a graph so that you can share your results with your class mates. (remember to include a title and properly label your information)

Activity #5
I am using activity #5 with reading selections that the students will read and ones that I will read to them. I have found an excellent book that is called “One-Minute Scary Stories” written by Shari Lewis and Lan O’Kun. Also there are several sites on the internet where you can find personal accounts of spooky things that have happened to people.

Reading Passages Responses:
1. What would you do as the author to change the plot. Give specific details.

2. If you could re-write the ending to the story what would you change.

3. State your opinion about the story. List 3 examples from the story to support your opinion.

4. Explain how the author uses fear and horror to scare the reader.

5. Write a comparison between two of the stories that you have read. The comparison should include plot, setting, characters, outcome and scary details used by the author.

Activity #6
I will show this Black and White original Dracula film after we have discussed ways that people are scared and what their fears are about. We will also discuss why people pay to go see movies that scare them and why we are so fascinated with this type of thing.
Film: Dracula (1931)

1. List five techniques used by the director to project the idea of terror.


2. State the various sound effects used in the film. Explain the importance of the use of these sounds.


3. Animals are used to demonstrate terror in the film. Name the animals and state their importance to the film.


total /15 marks

Activity #7
I play sounds that I have found on the internet and also from an audio tape that I got from the music store. Students will listen to the sounds and write their reactions. You could also have them draw a picture as a response to the sound. The picture could try and explain what the setting looks like that produced the noise.

There will be 10 creepy scary sounds that are played for your listening enjoyment. After you have heard each sound twice write down your reactions.

Reactions – what was the sound? How did it make you feel?
Onomatopoeia =boo

1. _____________________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________________________________

6. _____________________________________________________________________

7. _____________________________________________________________________

8. _____________________________________________________________________

9. _____________________________________________________________________

10. ____________________________________________________________________

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