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You can create a Mother’s Day memory with this flower pot idea




PreK, K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Mother’s Day Memory Pot
By – Deborah Chiocca
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – PreK-3

This project helps to stimulate the sense of touch by using different textures, helps to teach students’ their colors, learn concepts in team work, sharing, and giving; helps to develop dexterity with small objects, helps to develop patience. The project has steps and can be done by splitting the project into 2 days, and it will reinforce the safety rules when using scissors.

The purpose of this project is to stimulate and teach children to be creative.

Items needed:

Picture of child, construction paper or foamies, glue, paper grass, Styrofoam, terra cotta pot, glass beads, Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors, poster paint, white or light colored paper gift bags, scissors, paint brushes, water, paper towels.

Approximate time for craft is about 1 hour. You could set up in two sessions, one to do the painting and another to assemble the flowers and the inside of the pots. For younger children obviously you will need to do most of the prep work ahead, i.e. cutting the petals and Styrofoam.

First, the child would set up the pots; Popsicle sticks, and bags so each child has one. Paint and water for clean up. They could apply paint with a brush or use as finger paints. They could paint the Popsicle sticks green or leave them as they are. Have child press handprint on bag and clasp both hands on the sides of the pot. In the area of the pot that is bare they could paste a picture of themselves.

Second, glue the glass beads around the rim of the pot. Younger children you could apply the glue and allow the child to place the beads onto it.

Third while the beads are setting, have children insert the Styrofoam and grass into the pots.

Fourth, they will need to apply the petals with glue to the Popsicle sticks. I found with younger children that it was easier if I had the Popsicle stick completed up to the petals of the flowers. The children can pick their own colors.

Fifth, once everything is dry have them place the pots into the bags.

As the instructor of the class you can determine the complexity of the project by gearing the project for level of the class by adding more duties for the children or scaling it down i.e., using plastic flowers, or stick on foamies instead of glue and beads.

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